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Dog Bowl Holders

Things I learned (or was reminded of) during this build. 1. I am terrified of routers. The bit came off during the cut, and 2 words: cord management. 2. Don’t try to cut a perfect circle with a jig saw unless you have steady hands (which I don’t). 3. Adult ADHD. The shop looked like it exploded and I couldn’t find a certain drill bit. 4. Nothing offers me the same high, the same flow, the same unawareness of time passing as woodworking, and while I can’t make perfect things or perfectly square things or fancy joints yet, I do love the shit out of it. Cost: free.

Materials used:

  • spare 2×4’s
  • Spare plywood
  • dark stain
  • extra white paint
  • wood glue
  • screws
  • countersink drill bit
  • wood filler

Tools used:

  • router
  • router circle cutting jig
  • drill
  • chop saw