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Farmhouse Table

I used the plans for Tommy’s Farmhouse Table to build this table. I was able to find most of the wood for this table from the ReStore in Ballard (now Ballard Reuse). I spent about 38 dollars on the wood, but I ended up spending some money on some new tools…including the following:

  1. Table saw (purchased for 80 dollars on craigslist)
  2. pipe clamps
  3. Worlds tiniest pocket hole jig (Kreg Jig Mini)
  4. Circular saw (Ridgid 71/4 inch)

I also worked on this table at 2 different houses. I started it at one rental, and began constructing it in the dining room. Modern Family made a timely joke about lesbian carpentry projects in the dining room. When we moved, I acquired a garage to set up shop in, and I was able to finish the table in the comfort of my very own wood shop.

This was the first big piece of furniture I made, and I learned a lot of things during the process. Some things that come to mind:

  1. Clamps clamps clamps. Use more clamps! As shown in the picture, I only had 2 pipe clamps at the time. I made it work, but the table expands and contracts quite a bit, partly due to regular wood expansion and contraction, but likely also partly due to not being able to get a tight enough grab initially.
  2. Invest in a bigger Kreg Jig. The Kreg Jig Mini was nice because it was cheap! But it took a long time to individually clamp and drill each pocket hole.
  3. Take your time finishing. I don’t like finishing, so this is really hard for me. But really, you should sand between coats and take several days and finishes to get it right.

That being said, this table rules. I had an absolute blast building it and it has served most excellently as a dining room table. Not many people can  say that they built their own dining room table!